“We had just bought a vacation home at the beach and wanted it to be special.  The home was in bad condition and we had to basically tear it down and start from scratch.  We’ve never worked with a decorator before but we knew the project was too overwhelming and had no idea where to start.  Lucky for us, we found Rachel.  She had great ideas, was easy to work with and maybe best of all, was very mindful of the cost. Now that it’s done, we couldn’t be more pleased.  In fact, we’re tempted to sell it and buy something else just so we can work with her again.”

Barry and Helene Laufman
Residential Client


“Rachel is wonderful! So easy to work with- she has great taste in every aspect of design. She immediately understands the direction of your tastes and desires. The end result of everything Rachel has helped me with has come out beautiful. I would highly recommend Rachel Laney to help with all interior design needs.”

Laurie Bernie
Residential Client


“Rachel has been our design wizard fro two major home projects.  The first was a complete remodel of the kitchen and dining room.  We had some general ideas but no details.  Her ability to understand our life style and integrate into the design was nothing short of amazing.  The outcome of this first project was OUTSTANDING.  The second project two years later was a complete remodel of our master bathroom with some modifications to the master bedroom.  The outcome was again OUTSTANDING and breathtaking in terms of beauty and functionality.

An attribute that stood out in all our dealings with Rachel was her uncanny ability to understand our life style and integrate into her design.  In summary, Rachel exhibits a warm personality combined with an incredible eye for design and color.

Without hesitation we would strongly recommend Rachel Laney as your designer.”

Joanne and Jerry Wrout

Residential Client


“My office had a fire and substantial smoke damage throughout – everything was destroyed.  Rachel did a great job of redesigning and decorating the entire office.  I would highly recommend her for her professionalism and caring about the project in all details.”

Byron Roach
Law Offices of Gary Byron Roach, APC


“My boyfriend and I hired Rachel right after we had bought a house and needed help remodeling.  It was the best decision we could have ever made. Not only does she have contacts within the design industry (offering her clients discounts), but the ease of her putting it all together for us was amazing.  Even after she helped with picking things out, she would periodically stop by the house to make sure that the workers were doing the job properly.  Working with Rachel to help shape the design of our house has been really great.  I can now just call her up, tell her we are looking for a piece of furniture for a specific room to match and she will go and find the perfect piece (fabric and all)! Can it get easier than that?  And more importantly, I know it will look fantastic when it arrives.  You never imagine how hard it is to pick out patterns, designs, furniture, fixtures, etc., when you are remodeling, but with Rachel’s help, it makes it so much more enjoyable and certainly less time consuming.  We could not have done it without her!”

Cheryl Weissmann & Alan Hair
Residential Client


“Rachel worked with us to transform our very “dated” 1950′s era home.  The end result was contemporary, comfortable and beautiful!  Rachel was easy and fun to work with and our experience with her and Penny Lane Design was extremely positive in every aspect!”

Lindy and Paul Miller
Residential Client


“Rachel did a phenomenal job in decorating and space planning for our office remodel.  Her eye for color and design is truly remarkable.  Our remodel was extensive.  Rachel was there for us all the way, from helping to select paint, flooring, artwork and furniture, to working with the contractor and designing a space plan.  Through it all, she managed to make this potentially stressful project a lot of fun.  Kudos to you, Rachel! You are the best!”

Liz Ladiana
Law Offices of Lowthorp, Richards, McMillan, Miller, & Templeman, P.C.


“Rachel works hard to service her clients; she is always prepared in our showroom and she understands the balance between her clients, our products and services, and getting the design right with solutions that provide value to the project owner.”

Edward Steed
Owner of Buena Tile and Stone


“Rachel Laney is a visionary, with an excellent eye for color and texture.  I’ve utilized her amazing design talents with a mortgage company and a pediatric dental group.  She has an innate ability to zero in on the client’s needs and produce a beautiful outcome…all within budget!”

Tracy G.
Ventura County


“Rachel Laney was FAB-U-LOUS in the remodeling of my entire home!  She is a joy to work with, honest and reasonable for the level of her expertise and what she provides. After 27 years I was ready to move, but Rachel gave me the courage to update my entire place to create my dream home!  

I was a decorator many, many years ago, so I knew what I wanted but needed an objective party to help make the hundreds of decisions required for an undertaking of this magnitude.  Rachel filled the bill perfectly!  People may think that a designer “tells” you what you like, but she finds what you want and provides as much as assistance as you desire.  Several of my friends also have used her excellent eye, outstanding taste and great resources to update their homes and are thrilled with the results!

I highly recommend Rachel Laney to design YOUR dream home!  She is a lovely person to work with too!  Thank you again Rachel, for giving me a home that is a joy to return to!”

Westlake Village


“Rachel Laney helped us remodel our kitchen 10 years ago.  Her incredibly friendly nature with her experienced background, made working with her easy and enjoyable. Not only did she work on the design of the kitchen with us, but she helped us with all the other details to complete the job.  She gave us samples of materials and colors, from wall paint to tiles, had catalogs for us to peruse, and also recommended stores we could visit in order for us to find everything we needed to complete the job.  We went from a small closed off 1930′s kitchen to a contemporary open kitchen that connected seamlessly with the rest of the house.  Talk about your dream kitchen!  There wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t so happy with our kitchen, since I spend so much time there cooking for a busy family.  Recently, we sold our home – and our 10 year old kitchen was one of our biggest selling points.  Rachel helped us design and create a stunning kitchen that had enduring beauty and function.  Thank you Rachel!”

Dass and Peter Richardson

Residential Client

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