We took an early 90′s bathroom in Moorpark, California and transformed it to a very contemporary, chic, spa like bathroom with gorgeous and unique details.  The walls are lined from floor to ceiling in 16″ x 24″ limestone.  The floor and shower projection is a concrete looking porcelain tile with heating underneath it.  The entire tub deck and shelving is limestone slab.  The vanity sinks and counter were made from a manmade composite/granite material called Cambria.  The sinks slope gradually towards the back so that you don’t see a drain.  The beautiful chrome faucets have LED lights that changes colors from blues to reds as the water heats up so that you know how hot it is.  The tub is a very unique tub with fine bubbles that cleans your skin and keeps you young.  You don’t use soap to clean with.  The bubbles do it all.  The clients love art and the light fixture was a piece of art for their bathroom.  It looks like fire flames and is made out of polished nickel, chrome and brushed nickel.  The doors are 5 panel, frosted glass mahogany doors.  The toilet is amazing.  You don’t have to do a thing.  It has a remote control for all kinds of gadgets including a seat warmer, a lid that lifts and closes itself, a flusher, a sprayer, a light that can be on a timer for during the night, etc.  This bathroom remodel was quite extensive and the home owners absolutely LOVE their new bathroom, as they should!  It’s a bathroom you can live in!


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