About Us

Rachel Laney, Principle Designer for Penny Lane Design, was born in Rhode Island and grew up in Southern California.  Her initial interest in the field of design was in Feng Shui, which led to certification in 1995.  She taught Feng Shui classes and lectured to the public, architects and real estate agents. Wanting to incorporate more aspects of design for her clients, she attended Interior Design school at UC Santa Barbara and graduated in 1997.  She then started her own Interior Design firm, Laney Designs, in Ventura County.  A bachelor’s in Communication from Antioch University of Santa Barbara in 2000 has added to her professional training and her ability to communicate with her clients.

In 2004, Rachel decided to partner with Jodi Pennington, a former classmate in design school who also graduated in 1997 and they have been design partners ever since – hence the name “Penny Lane Design”.  Rachel and Jodi both reside in Ventura, CA with their families and Penny Lane Design services clients in Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara and LA Counties.

As of 2010, Penny Lane Design has partnered with Patrick Leahy with Alpine Villa Builders to create “Treetop Spaces” which are custom livable treehouses.  These treehouses can be multi-level, with plumbing, electrical, any style, any size, any budget.  They are beautiful and unique to the individual and can be a gorgeous dining room, guest room and bath, art studio, office, yoga studio or playroom.  Basically anything your mind can create, we can build for you if you have a willingness to think outside the box.

Rachel and Jodi look forward to sharing their educational expertise and knowledge of design aesthetics that have been delighting their clients for the past 16 years.

“We believe that there is beauty all around us and that the more beauty we surround ourselves with and express from within, the happier, healthier, productive and successful we can be.  Each one of us has our own unique expression of it and if we can help create that for you, then we did what we were supposed to do.”

“If you don’t love it, then we didn’t do our job!”


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